lauantai 30. maaliskuuta 2013

You are so fake !

~Well, I'm not but actually now my nails are. I bought these fake nails few days ago, these were love at first sight. Design is not complicated, it's just a white cross in black nail. But still, I love them. They are also short, that's new for me 'cause you can always find fake nails that are so f*cking long - I can't live with them.
These are also pre-glued, it easiers wearing these a lot. I've noticed that pre-glued nails stay much better than those you have to put glue on your own. Also taking off pre-glued nails is much easier than the others. I like these, I'm lazy. I didn't take any polishes with me to my easter vacation so these are just perfect. Also I can test how well these actually stay.

Eiih, en jaksa enää kirjoittaa suomeksi kun sopersin tekstin jo englanniksi. Kysykää jos on epäselvää ! :DDDD

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