sunnuntai 7. huhtikuuta 2013

When the world is not enough.

~ As header tells, this time I will be writing OPI's The World Is Not Enough-polish. Amazing colour. I love this ! Three-four layers, dries quite fast. Little bit bubbly if you don't let the layers dry well before adding next one. Very nice polish indeed. But. There is always the 'but'. When I tried to take these pics.. Oh. I just can't find the words to explain how difficult it was ! There is ONE good pic about this polish and it is the bottle pic. That same effect is very good in nails too, but my camera didn't want to show it. Pics just don't tell how beautiful this polish is. I took photos in different lights but blah. No.

I always speak about nails. This time I could tell something about my life too.
I had very lovely weekend. I've started jogging after many many years, and I bought a new beautiful bike. I will start to cycle to school every day (~6 kilometers in one direction = ~12 km in one day). Today I cycled ~8 kilometers, and I'm in love with my bike. It is so easy and just feels so good.
I feel happy. Tired but happy.
I saw many of my friends this weekend, I had (little too much) alcohol and lots of fun. And lots of dancing. Tomorrow I will go cycling and maybe jogging later too. I'd like to go jogging now but it is very dark outside and I have very strong nyctophobia (fear of dark) so I can't. But tomorrow !

Right now I feel like.. like.. I love everything. Music sounds better than usually. I feel just so much better than usually.
I love these happy moments. They are rare but when I get this feeling.. It's priceless.

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  1. On kyllä tosiaan priceless olo sillon kun tuntee olevansa oikeasti tosi onnellinen. Happy 4 u! :)

    1. Niinpä :) Voi kiitos <3 Ihanaa kun joku uskaltaa myöntää iloitsevansa myös toisten onnesta eikä vain viherry kateellisuudesta :)